This category is for competitors displaying the most Muscular development and size of all women’s categories. They will
show an aesthetically pleasing physique with balanced proportions of body parts and muscle groups.

Avery high degree of conditioning is desirable, with clear separation between muscle groups to the level of visible muscle
striations and vascularity.

Three disciplines are involved and competitors should prepare with diligence for all three. During the disciplines wearing
jewellery is optional, shoes are not required.

Presentation will consist of the following:

Round 1 Quarter Turns

The general presentation during the quarter turns will consist of competitors presenting themselves with poise, self-
confidence and posture. Although they will be in a tense stance the judges are looking for a “total package” and

competitors are adopting a stance to emphasise muscularity. This is followed by any 1 favourite pose at front, left side,
back and finally right side.

Round 2 Routine

Routines to be a minimum of 60 seconds max.
45 seconds max is designated time for the Britain Finals and Universe Competitions

Judges are again reminded that however graceful and exciting an individual presentation may be, the most important
aspect is the agreed criteria applied to Physique Judging. Competitors should construct their routines to reflect this.

Round 3 Comparisons

Competitors will be called back on to stage. Competitor numbers will be called requesting them to come front / centre
stage in small groups of 4 – 6, known as the “call-outs”.

The judges will request the following poses from the line-up:

1. Front Double Biceps
2. Side Chest (any side)
3. Side Triceps (any side)
4. Rear Double Biceps showing Calf
5. Abs & Thighs

Athletes who are not in the line-up are asked to adopt the “front stance” with no posing.

Pose-down & Awards

All athletes may be asked to assemble in a line at back of stage for placement awards.


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