Includes: True Novice, Novice, Junior, Classic Bodybuilding,
Masters Over 45, Masters Over 55, Mr Class 4, 3, 2, 1

Bodybuilders are judged on the OVERALL QUALITY of their muscular development.

Mass: The perception of muscular size has been the foundation for bodybuilding since the beginning of the sport. Yet,
mass is only a merit when accompanied by the remaining qualities.

Definition: Indicates the degree of muscularity brought about by the absence of subcutaneous body fat. Defined
muscularity is necessary to fully display the development of the physique. Definition is only of value when it allows
massively developed muscles to be displayed.

Proportion: Implies an even balance of muscular development in comparison to each muscle group. Theoretically, a
“strong body part” can be just as detrimental as a “weak body part”. Bodybuilders must strive for equal development
between all muscle groups. Symmetry A misnomer, is commonly used to depict “proportion” or expressed to indicate an
aesthetic quality throughout the physique. Although, in its strictest definition, symmetry denotes equal development of
muscularity on both right and left sides of the physique.
Stage Presence Includes posing performance and other factors influencing general appearance such as skin tone,
grooming, charisma, and poise. Effective stage presentation is essential to display the physique to its maximum potential.

Attire: Athletes are required to wear suitably fitting trunks no restriction on colour or material / shorts or underwear are
not permitted.

True Novice Class:

True Novices must not have competed in a Nabba Event.

Novice Class:

Novices must not have previously been placed in the top 3 in a NABBA State or National contest, or have won ANY OPEN

Men’s Classic Bodybuilding:

Criteria as above. In addition must meet the height to weight ratio requirement:
(Height in cm – 100) + 6 = max kg

I.E – (174cm athlete) 174 – 100 = 74 + 6 = 80

Therefore, 80kg is their maximum competition weight.

Men’s Classic OPEN Bodybuilding:

Criteria as above. In addition there are NO height to weight ratio requirement:
Your Physique must meet the Classic Look or you will be marked down accordingly.

All Men’s Bodybuilding Classes will follow the same structure:

Round 1 Quarter Turns

Competitors will line up at the posing line with a front stance. The judges will instruct competitors with “Quarter Turn To
The Right” until they are facing the judges once more. The athletes may be split and/or rearranged to allow accurate
assessment by all judges. Competitors will hold each stance to demonstrate balance, symmetry and proportion along
with the mass and condition of their physiques. This important round will have significance when the judges are
determining the initial “call-outs” for round 3.

Round 2 Routine

Each competitor will then be required to do an individual posing routine. This is the opportunity to display their
physiques to the judges without distraction. It is advised that athletes present themselves with confidence and control of
their physique. Displaying each muscle group to the best of their ability. Athletes can use mandatory and non-mandatory
poses of their choice.

Routines to be a minimum of 60 seconds.
60 seconds max is designated time for the Universe Competitions.

Round 3 Comparisons

Competitors will be called back on to stage. Competitor numbers will be called requesting them to come front / centre
stage in small groups of 4 – 6, known as the “call-outs”.

The judges will request the following poses.

1. Abs and Thighs
2. Lat Spread
3. Front Double Bicep
4. Side Chest (any side)
5. Side Triceps (any side)
Turn to face the rear
6. Rear Lat Spread showing Hamstring and Calf
7. Rear Double Bicep
Turn to face the front
8. Most Muscular

Athletes who are not in the line-up are asked to adopt the “front stance” with no posing.

Pose-down & Awards

All athletes may be asked to perform 30 seconds of free posing – then assemble in a line at back of stage for placement
awards. (This may take place after preliminary rounds of another class)


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