1. All competitors (both male and female) shall be NABBA members.
    It is the National Bodies responsibility at check-in to ensure that memberships are valid. A closing date for
    entries of a maximum of one week prior to the contest date is suggested, so that any doubtful memberships may
    be checked with NABBA HQ.
    A Membership card will be sent to the Competitor on receipt of membership fee to NABBA HQ.
  2. Judging shall be in three phases:
    (a) Front, back and side in line up. (b) Individual posing routine, not to exceed 60 seconds. Standard
    comparison poses.
  3. Competitors own music may be used at the judging and/or show at the discretion of the contest organiser.
    Organiser shall provide suitable music for competitors not providing their own. Most State Shows receive
    Competitors music downloaded onto MP3 suitable file, are required to inform Competition Organiser of track
    required via email before the competition so DJ can sort music out before the day.
    Organiser must provide adequate changing facilities and suitable lighting for physique presentation.
  4. Competitors may enter up to a max of FOUR categories per show.
  5. At the discretion of the contest Organiser, a preferred Tanning company will apply colour to be used on the
    day. Personal tan preferences are allowed at Organisers discretion.
  6. Any competitor acting in an unsportsmanlike manner must be reported to NABBA National Body and may be
    liable to disciplinary action. If considered serious he/she may be disqualified from contest by judges present.
  7. Junior age group must be 22 or under on 1st January in year of the contest.
  8. Only NABBA approved Judges shall officiate. Organiser must invite judges well in advance and submit names of
    proposed judges to NABBA HQ.
    Rules apply to MALE and FEMALE competitors unless otherwise stated.
    All contests are for AMATEURS unless otherwise stated.
    An amateur is one who has not competed for a money prize.
    Amendments to rules governing NABBA Area Contests from 01.01.2023
    The MR contests will be divided into Four height classes
    Class 4 up to and including 165cm.
    Class 3 Over 165cm, up to and including 1.72.
    Class 2 Over 1.72 and up to and including 1.79.
    Class 1 Over 1.79.


  1. Organisers may run True Novice and Novice contests at their own discretion.
  2. The MR class may be divided into Four height classes at the organiser’s discretion.
  3. Item 4 & 5 of previous Area contest rules will apply to any Novice contest i.e. Novices must not have
    previously been placed in the top three in a NABBA State or National contest, or have won ANY OPEN contest. A
    True Novice (First-timer) must not have competed before with Nabba.


The State Shows act as qualifiers and lead up to the SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE and NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS.
Those placing in the top 3 of each class at the SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE or NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP are invited to compete in the NABBA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP or NABBA Universe Contest of that year.
Anyone placing either 1st or 2nd at the Universe will have an invitation to the following year’s Universe.
(Bye) Exceptions to these are Novice and First Timer’s categories for obvious reasons – they are no longer a Novice or First Timer once they have competed at State a state competition and then gone on to compete at a National level.

Plus we currently do not have either a Novice or First Timer category at the NABBA World or Universe Competitions.


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